Saturday, November 01, 2008

Studs Terkel, 1912-2008

I'd see Studs around the city periodically, out and about at events when he was well into his 90s. He was a progressive force for good and until pretty recently it seemed like he would live forever. Studs was a true patriot, populist, and a genuine journalist, someone who believed in America's egalitarian promise enough to listen, thoughtfully, to everyone - including those who are down and out. It's a shame Studs will miss Obama's victory, since he worked so tirelessly during his 96 years to keep hope alive in America. You won't be forgotten, Studs, especially not in your beloved Chicago.

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Anonymous said...

Studs Terkel, wow what a coin-cidence. Your post coincides with my debut of Wood Coin, "Flag Football Issue," in which lies a quote from the dearly departed ST. Ironically, or perhaps not, the issue is less about football than about socialism/monarchy, the flattening out of the class hierarchy into a binary system wherein the 1% Club has its servants/slaves to ensure continuation of its luxury... That, and the sex laws. And the fact that football works as an outlet in lieu of "going to war". And women moving into the male fields with abandon, often oblivious or maliciously aligned against or even antithetical to what came before... Okay, Prof. Enough from me. Truly. Thanks for the synchronicity.--JKB, editor/publisher, Wood Coin: an online magazine of literature & liberal arts.